“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.”

-– Yogi Berra

There's no one formula for building a great culture. Our partners share the details of the practices they use to create and maintain a positive, intentional organization. Posted here for your reading pleasure.

Practice Partners


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Chase Adam


Chase Adam, CEO

Company Retrospectives

How do you get timely feedback on what's working and what isn't in your org? "Retros" for company culture takes feedback to the next level.


Scott Forman


Scott Forman, Cofounder

Transparent Compensation

What happens when you allow every employee to see what everyone is making...and then let each of them choose their own salary?


Zach Haehn


Zach Haehn, Head of R&D

Mentorship That Works

When engineers need to become managers, how do they learn the ropes? Intensive mentorship from established managers helps get them there.


Julia Hartz


Julia Hartz, President

All-Hands Communication

Do trust and transparency have to diminish as you grow? Not if you make upfront communication a company-wide priority.


Sam Chaudhary


Sam Chaudhary, CEO & Cofounder

Cultivating Trust

What makes a high-performing team? When you're moving fast, honesty and deep trust in your co-workers are key.


Semira Rahemtulla


Semira Rahemtulla, Cofounder

If You Really Knew Me

The unspoken something in the air can kill a meeting’s effectiveness. At InnerSpace, we spend the first 6 minutes of meetings getting it all out in the open.
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Aamir Virani


Aamir Virani, Cofounder

Culture Onboarding

How do you get new hires in tune with your culture? A powerful on-boarding process can make a big difference.
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Benjamin Joffe Walt

Benjamin Joffe-Walt, Chief of Staff

Practice @

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